Vehicle Wraps

Whether you live, commute or work in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, we can personalize your ride while protecting its paint with a premium car wrap. We only use the most durable and longest lasting vinyl on the market. Vinyl is the best way to protect your paint and provide a truly unique look to your vehicle.


A partial or full wrap can be the ideal and only choice if you're looking for custom graphics or you just like to change up the color every so often. Vinyl wraps are a much greener and cost-effective alternative then paint. Wrapping your vehicle is completely reversible and uses significantly greener material in comparison to paint.

Protect your original investment for years to come and improve the resell value of your car. If you're deciding whether to wrap or paint your vehicle, we always recommend a wrap as it'll protect your original paint, while giving you complete control over the color without losing the option to remove it.


Aftermarket re-painting will depreciate the resale value of your vehicle

Tired and want to change the color of your leased problem

Your vehicle didn’t come in the color you problem

Takes up to 2 weeks to paint vs only 2-5 days to wrap

Wraps more durable and serves as a deflector from road debris, weathering, wear and tear

Reserve your original factory paint

Quality wrap brands you can trust and count on such as 3m, Avery

A high-quality vehicle wrap will be less expensive than any high-quality paint job guaranteed

Achieve impressive results like brushed metal finishes that paint simply can’t do




A gloss wrap is often sought after when it comes to vehicle wrapping because of its similarity to paint. We believe that it's this resemblance that makes it striking and satisfying at the same time. It looks like paint, shines like paint, but unlike paint, it's reversible.


No matter how you choose to describe it, chrome makes the loudest statement, is eye catching and the most distinct wrap you can choose. It's distinction comes from the inability to achieve this finish with ordinary paint, but don’t be fooled, we have many chrome colors available, not just traditional.


Matte and Satin finishes carry a unique smooth, frosted and silky color that's only possible though today's consistent vinyl material.


One way to get a unique look is to use classic brushed metallic appearance. We use the highest grade brushed materials that not only carry unique colors, but that also its signature brushed texture.